From Janos Hasur’s Guestbook

“In a tower of Babel of colours and violin sounds, tragedies,
cries of pain… barely masked sobbing, insane laugher;
souls suddenly freed of loneliness crossed boundaries!”
Luisa, Lello

Dear Janos, we would like to thank you for an exciting
evening which my girlfriend and I experienced through your
enchanting music. (How much emotion and cultural heritage is
carried within this music!)
Thank you so much, you are fantastic!
P.S. The “pörkölt” was incredibly tasty, congratulations!
Renato Arati

“Food and Music: Body and Soul!”
Many thanks Simona

“For he’s a jolly good fellow! Many thanks
For this little miracle!”

“Perhaps we shall never be libertines, but thanks to your
music, we are free to think and dream!”
Thank you,

“To a great musician who chose folk music!”
I’d like to congratulate you with the deepest respect,

“But.. How big is this world? It fits into a violin!”
Thank you, Raffa

“The sound of the violin, the taste of great emotions – the whole world embraces!
You are great!”

“It is hard to tell whether he is a better cook or a better violinist?”
Bye, Giancarlo
You evoked a Hungarian atmosphere and introduced us to Hungarian tastes. Thank you so much! It tasted lovely! A fantastic cook, an amazing musician!
Monika and Luca

Goulash and music – a fairytale combination! Thanks for bringing both to the Restaurant “Civetta”! Annalisa

Thank you for a journey - of mind and stomach - into the heart of Central Europe!
Luigi, Renato

A different way to spend an evening, in the company of an extraordinary cook and an incomparable violinist.
Renzo and Sara

“He whose heart is pure is happy!”
Thank you, Benoit

“It is a fabulous concert, until he starts to sing… At which point it becomes even more fantastic!! Wonderful... Splendid".

“Many hanks for this incredible gift!”
Lively, vibrating music, played with passion! Thank you!
Anne Marie

“What a fabulous instrument the violin can be! Thank you for this evening which took us on a fascinating journey!
It was splendid! Once again: Thank you!

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