Curriculum of Janos

The Hungarian violinist Janos Hasur was born in Budapest. The beginnings of his career can be traced to him asking his parents for a violin one Christmas. He was all of four years old...
And it took another two years until he finally received the hotly anticipated present.
His first teacher was Dr. Ilona Hentz, who in turn had been taught by the famous Professor Ede Zathurecky.
After successfully graduating from music college, he continued his studies at the Musikgymnasium “Béla Bartók”. From there, he went on to the Music Academy“ Franz Liszt” in Pécs, where he received his diploma in 1971.

He began his professional career as a violin teacher and first violinist at the “Gergely Csiky” theatre in Kaposvár. Then one day, he heard a tape with folk music recordings, all played on the violin! This experience left a lasting impression and changed his career in music… In 1975, he was invited to join the group “Vízönt?”, which had already made a name for itself. In 1988, he also started playing the violin in the band “Kolinda” (the second important group in the Hungarian “folk revival” movement). With them, he travelled the world, and they gave excellent concerts in the most famous European concert halls. They were also present at many famous festivals. They played in Canada, the USA, and even the Middle East. These performances cemented their position as important representatives of Hungarian folk music.

Under his leadership, the band “Vízöntö” continues in this vein. In 2005, they gave an unforgettable performance at the Mittelfest in Cividale del Friuli. (This is one of the most significant forums of European culture in Italy.) They were joined on stage by the world-famous Hungarian singer Marta Sebestyen.
Since 1996, Janos has been living in Italy where he is a member of Moni Ovadia’s “Stage Orchestra” (formerly: Theater Orchestra). Janos’ solo career started in 1999 in Brescia, where he stood in front of an audience of 400 delighted listeners, alone with his violin, for the first time.
Following this event, his solo-CD with violin pieces was released in 2000. Since then, he has increasingly been performing solo. His programme includes Hungarian, Transylvanian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Klezmer music. But his concerts are not limited to Italy, he has also been playing on France, Switzerland and Belgium.
His “formula” GulashConcert is an occasion to discover for the public not only his musical but as well his culinary talent: preparing the well-known Hungarian dish with its contour and giving a solo violin concert afterwards with a repertoire of traditional and klezmer music choosen from his country and its neighbours, telling jokes, little stories between the pieces. But he plays not only folk music, he gives as well classical concerts, and if the public inspires him, he plays also some Beatles songs on his violin… He gathered lots of fans with the sweet, warm voice of his violin.
One of them, Moni Ovadia said: “Janos, the way Itzhak Perlman plays klezmer music is perfect, but I prefer the way you play!”

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